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At ELLE we understand the complexities of buying hosiery so we’ve created this handy tip page to help you out!

Denier: Technically this French term means the weight in grams of 9000 metres of the yarn. Generally it gives an indication of the weight and thickness of stockings or tights. The lower the denier, the more sheer and fragile the hosiery product.

Sheer hosiery: 5-30 denier

Sheer hosiery is perfect for achieving anything from a ‘bare leg look’ and keeping cool in spring and summer with the lower deniers in the sheer range, to a sophisticated and slightly more covered look with the 20 and 30 deniers. Our Sheers 30 are great for all year round wear, and contain higher percentage of lycra for a fitted and sleek appearance, which keeps you supported. Look great with dresses and skirts, and ideal for both work and evening wear. See Sheers 30

Semi-Opaque: 40 – 50 denier

Semi-transparent, or semi-opaque depending upon how you look at life (!), hosiery is stronger and warmer than sheer, giving legs more coverage but leaving a hint of skin visible. Great all year rounder, looks good with dresses and skirts, and ideal for daytime and evening chic.We opted for the 50 denier, which is the ideal balance between the sheers and opaques ranges, Explore Opaque 50, or for a sleek and contoured look, our Bums n Tums tights give you the same fantastic 50 denier leg with added shape and contouring in the panty, for a sleeker look under clothing. 

Opaque: 60 - 80 denier

Very stylish and extremely versatile. Suitable for street cred, as well as the sophisticated chic look to a short evening dress. The 80 deniers in our ranges are our best sellers all year round and are loved by young teenagers all the way to our golden oldies.

Keeping your legs warm in even harsh winter months, they give legs good coverage so skin is hardly visible. ELLE opaques come in classic black plus a rainbow of colours for a fashionable, ‘colour block’ look. They’re a great alternative to trousers in winter, or can be teamed with shorts and skirts on warmer days. All the colours of the rainbow, Opaque 80s

Apart from tights, ELLE does a fantastic range of bodyshorts - we've coined the phrase bodyshorts, however they are effectively tights without the below knee portion (!), but beautifully finished, so don't ry and chop your Opaques tights !! They are great under trousers, dresses or skirts, and whilst the obvious reason to wear them would be when you want to show your bare pegs, however they are fantastically anti-chaffing so can be worn under trousers or leggings, without causing bulk.

Both the 50 denier opaque tights and the bodyshorts are available in Bums n Tums, which is the contouring and controlling panty, providing you a sleeker appearance, and holding you in comfort all day long.