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Hosiery Glossary

Hosiery Glossary

At ELLE we understand the complexities of buying hosiery so we’ve created this handy glossary to help you out!


Technically this French term means the weight in grams of 9000 metres of the yarn. Generally it gives an indication of the weight

and thickness of stockings or tights. The lower the denier, the more sheer and fragile the hosiery product.

Sheer hosiery: 10-20 denier.

Sheer hosiery is perfect for achieving a ‘bare leg look’ and keeping cool in spring and summer. Opt for a matt finish for a natural

look or gloss with a dressier, evening outfit.

Semi-Opaque: 30 – 40 denier.

Semi-transparent or semi-opaque hosiery is stronger and warmer than sheer, giving legs a little more coverage but leaving the

skin visible.

Opaque: 40+ denier.

Keep your legs warm in winter in extra durable, super-soft opaques. They give legs good coverage so skin is hardly visible. ELLE

opaques come in classic black plus a rainbow of colours for a fashionable, ‘colour block’ look. They’re a great alternative to

trousers in winter, or can be teamed with shorts and skirts on warmer days.


Soft and sumptuous, this luxurious yarn is made from fluffy Angora rabbit hair and is much warmer and lighter than wool. ELLE’s

Angora slipper socks, bed socks, luxury leisure socks and knee high socks are great for relaxing at home or keeping toes toasty

on cold winter days!


ELLE bamboo socks, tights and trainer liners are made from natural bamboo fibres with a silky-soft touch that is perfect for

sensitive or allergy prone skin.

3 times more absorbent than cotton, bamboo socks wick moisture away from the skin to keep feet dry and comfortable. The micro

structure of the bamboo fibres keeps socks 2-3 degrees cooler in hot weather and significantly warmer in the cold for

maximum comfort.

Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties to keep feet fresher for longer. And being 100% biodegradable and self-sustaining,

it’s the environmentally friendly choice too!


Cotton is the most popular material for socks as this soft, natural fibre wears well and is easy to wash. It’s the obvious choice for

sports socks as it moves sweat away from the skin to keep feet dry and blister-free.

Organic Cotton

Supremely soft and environmentally friendly, ELLE’s 80% organic cotton socks are gentle on your feet. Made from non-genetically

modified cotton plants grown without the use of toxic pesticides or chemical fertilisers, ELLE organic cotton socks and knee-highs

have a minimal carbon footprint.


This open net structure is made on specialist knitting machines. Choose from classic fishnet stockings or patterned lace fishnet

tights in a range of pretty designs – exclusive to ELLE.