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Protective Mask Ultra-Fresh

Ultra-Fresh KW-48

Ultra-Fresh KW-48 is an aqueous dispersion used in the treatment of textiles, to reduce the effects of microbial action such as odor generation, degradation or discoloration.

Ultra-Fresh KW-48 is based on the molecule zinc pyrithione. It is a broad spectrum, highly effective antimicrobial agent. Studies have shown that the active reacts with key proteins in a microbe’s outer membrane, blocking transfer of necessary nutrients into the cell.

Articles treated with Ultra-Fresh KW-48 promise freshness, stain protection and extended product life. Formulated to provide excellent durability, Ultra-Fresh treated products continue to offer performance after multiple cleanings or extended exposure to environmental stresses.


Ultra-Fresh KW-48 can be applied by normal textiles processes, such as padding (foulard) and exhaustion. It can be applied with other finishes such as softeners in the same bath. No special drying or curing steps are required.


Ultra-Fresh KW-48 is EPA (USA) registered, BPR (EU) compliant and Oeko-Tex listed, and complies with all regulatory requirements of each country where it is sold.