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Reviews - Protective Masks

As the reviews are scattered across all product size and colour pages, from time to time we collate some here to make it easier for you to see other customer's feedback. We only publish verified purchases, so please when leaving a review use the email or name as you placed the order so we can trace your purchase.

We publish all reviews, good or bad, enabling you to make up your mind. It's a known fact unhappy customers are more motivated to leave a review than happy ones (!!), however we have received lots of wonderful feedback from our customers and we thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment. It is really appreciated and in the rather emotional rollercoaster world of protective masks, you bring a smile to our faces.

Protective Mask Reviews from individual product pages:


The best masks!

I bought two packs of Elle masks back in April. I had some other disposable ones to use up first, and they were awful. The Elle ones are so soft and comfortable, and a snug fit. My glasses don’t get steamed up with them, and I don’t feel claustrophobic as I do with the others. The cream colour goes with everything. I have been recommending them to all my friends.

We love these masks! Ordering another set.

We love these masks, they are very comfortable and well made. They cover the whole lower face easily and stays snug around the edges. Have just ordered another set, thank you for providing this high quality mask!

V Masks

Ordered the V2 masks on Monday 20th July 2020 they arrived by 3pm on the 21st July 2020.
My initial thoughts are that they are far far more comfortable and breathable than any other masks i have bought, they feel comfortable and don't pull on my ears, i tested breathing through them when they arrived, no problem, well worth the money.
I must say when i first opened the pack i was a bit surprised to see the inner layer not fully stitched to the outer layer i suppose it's just a different design to the run of the mill masks, the masks look very well made which is a good sign.
One last point, i read a review about the masks not being waterproof so i did a test myself, filled the mask with water, not a single drop came through.
I can only give them full stars plus.

Best we've tried.

Ordered on Sunday, delivered Monday, wore on Tuesday shopping.
Compared to previous masks, it feels better, seems much cooler, thoroughly recommended.
I was worried it didn't have an insert to bend around the nose but it hugs the contours of the face really well.


Some weeks ago I ordered protective masks and have been pretty happy with them (they were not given a letter/number reference at that time 01/05/20). I have now decided to order the V2 masks which are substantially more expensive. However, they look and feel exactly like the original, more basic design. How is one supposed to tell the difference? I think it would nave been sensible to stitch the ear loops with different colour thread, for example. Or is my original what you are now calling V2? Please explain. Thank you.

Hi Karen
I get your frustration! Ideally they would have been different; the black actually is so the M2 Black and the V2 Black are a different design, but yes the white and colours are the same. The reason for this is the base mask is the same and we apply the treatments afterwards. To make for example the two white masks different would mean a complete rethread of machines or different configuration to add a different knit pattern, and that would inevitably bring the cost up due to the switchover and downtime in production. Our aim has been to bring these masks to you at the most cost effective price as possible, and we hope at these prices there is no one who cannot buy the masks due to financial reasons.
If I could make a suggestion; if you get a permanent marker and put a dot or X on the ear loop of the Counter Covid mask, then it may make it easier for you to differentiate - as long as you let the mark dry, it then stays permanent even when washed and doesn't bleed into the rest of the mask - the reason I suggest marking the Counter Covid is because you wash at lower temp and so no chance of any issue with the marker bleeding during wash. Hope that helps. Kindest regards. Rose

Good quality, value and and excellent customer support

I purchased ELLE face masks or myself and family age range eleven to seventy-seven. We have all found them to be comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean
For myself, I have a long term breathing problem and I have found, in my case that my breathing pattern stays the same when wearing the masks.
I would point out I do only wear a mask when shopping and other places where there are more people about.

Comfortable and fits perfectly

Bought these as soon as they were available, as we already have the adult ones and use them all the time. These are excellent. Fit my son perfectly and are soft and comfortable. Dry really quickly too which is great. Thank you so much for making these at such a good price.

Comfy fit

The manufacturer has thought about everything. I am Confident to wear this as an at risk to infection person. Well done.

Washable, comfortable, safe masks

These masks are the most comfortable masks that I’ve used since the COVID-19 lockdown. They are breathable and my glasses don’t steam up as the do with the traditional medical face masks. They are so light on your face that you can wear it comfortably for long periods of time. They wash very well, but I would squeeze out excess water from the masks between no the rather than wring it out.Not only do I feel safe wearing this mask, but it saves on landfill being used for 30 full days at work.

Fantastic product

I am so impressed with these masks. Just ordered my fourth pack, having shared others with family.
The masks are very comfortable to wear even in hot weather and so easy to wash and air dry.
Excellent value for money.

Best we’ve tried

We have tried a few different masks and these are by far the most comfortable. They are soft and don’t hurt round the ears like some others. Easily washed and quick drying. I have a set of the white already and have just ordered a coloured set. Reasonably priced also. Highly recommended.

Very comfortable

These are very soft and comfortable. Easy to use and easy to wash. Have recommended to family, friends and colleagues. Many thanks for supplying high-quality masks to the general public at a reasonable price. It is much appreciated.

Very good masks

I really like these masks, they feel comfy, and fit well. Good value as they can be washed. I ordered a pack for my dad and my brother too. They both say that they are the best masks they have tried.


These fit well. However I understood these to be waterproof having spoken to someone at Elle amd watchin the video. I needed them for cleaning showers, having washied them the water just runs straight through them. I will be contacting the office for their feedback.

Dear Maureen
We are sorry to hear you have been disappointed with the product. We have tried to reach out to you several times, but with no luck. If you could contact us please so we can investigate the issue. We take QC very seriously across all our products, however with masks we are extremely vigilant and attend to each point immediately and raise a case so senior management and production team can investigate.
The masks have a very very effective water repellency treatment which aids against droplets in the air which may contain virus. The repellency is also effective for keeping others protected if the wearer has an infection.
The water repellency treatment is tested and certified, and we sample check every batch which undergoes treatment. The water repellency is not like a loose thread, where one mask can be affected whilst all others are okay - the treatments is applied in dye bath where thousands of masks are treated at a time, and with our high sample rates there is almost zero scope for a batch to have an issue and not be detected.
Just before I sat to answer your review, I took three of my own masks, which I have washed many times, and each one was able to hold a fair amount of water without it soaking, or even dripping, through, of course this wasn't a scientific test such as our masks go through during production, but it was a good visual confirmation.
Could you please contact me and provide further information on your claim that these are not water repellent, what test you carried out, and the results, so we can investigate further and resolve the matter to mutual satisfaction and confidence in the product.
I hope to hear from you soon, my direct email is customers@elle.co.uk, or you can phone 0161 818 9385. Kind Regards, Rose. Head of Customer Services.


Very pleased

We are very happy with these masks. They arrived more promptly than expected. We wore them for the first time today and they were very comfortable - fitted both of us well and felt light and soft. A really good buy.

The Best Face Mask.

When I purchased our masks there were no reviews so I took a chance and ordered 3 packs. I am so pleased that I did because I have been recommending them to everyone. They are so comfortable and easy to wear. If you wish you can put a filter inside for extra protection. We have just used a folded up piece of kitchen roll for this which has worked perfect. Not only that they wash well and dry fairly quickly. The instructions that come with them are very well written too. We would highly recommend these face masks and will be ordering some Black ones soon. Thank you Elle.


Have bought two packs of these and another pack for my mother in law. They are excellent, very comfortable too. I am waiting for the childrens ones to come out and will be buying those for my daughter. For anyone wearing them for the first time, breathe through your nose, much more comfortable and stops you getting hot. Well done Elle.

Good masks

Having read the reviews I ordered a pack of masks. They are comfortable to wear & I have now ordered a pack of black masks for my son. Well done EllE for a brilliant idea, ticking all the boxes for safety, environment & supporting jobs & the leaflet which was very clear to read.

Delighted with these masks

Great fitting masks with reverse colour ear loops so you know which way you put it on .
Very comfortable to wear and will be buying some coloured ones hen available

A very happy Customer

The masks arrived quickly, are made to a really high standard and are comfortable to wear. I'm delighted they are helping people stay safe, are supporting jobs at this difficult time and are environmentally sound. Best wishes to you all and thank you.

Great masks

Thank you the masks are great. Very comfortable to wear. Will be ordering more soon. Perfect.

comfortable, good price and I agree with the comment about the leaflet :)

The title of the review says it all really, but I just wanted to second the comments below and give a shout-out to the person (or persons) who wrote the leaflet.
Thanks to everyone involved in designing and delivering the masks for your hard work and innovation.


Just taken delivery of these masks and must say that I'm very impressed. They are a good snug fit, without feeling overly constrictive. I'm sure I will feel a degree of confidence now when venturing tentatively out for my essential shopping! This service is much appreciated in these dire times...

Absolutely fabulous

Great mask. Very comfortable, excellent fit and breathable. Because they are not N95 surgical masks you are not depriving frontline staff. Recommending them to all my friends. Delivery was within two days.

Excellent masks

The masks are excellent - comfortable, easy to wear and wash, good ethical and eco principles. Thank you very much.

Thank You, Elle.

The masks are well-made, a good fit and comfortable to wear. They wash well, retaining their shape and softness. The delivery service was excellent. Great work, Elle, and many thanks for producing these masks.

Appreciate your ethical and eco ethos!

Just wanted to say thank you for stepping up to produce such great qual masks. I have had my pack for a short while and have been recommending them left right and centre. Better than anything else I’ve seen on offer. I also really appreciate your ethical and eco ethos. 😃

Great Service

What a great service these marks arrived in a few days and we are both very pleased with the quality, many thanks for helping us to stay safe
Mike & Margaret on 9th May 2020

Brilliant comfortable & environmentally friendly face masks

I first purchased these masks when there was only one review on line. I’m so glad I did as they are the best I’ve come across - cleverly designed to be anti bacterial and anti water droplets. Really the most comfortable masks I have bought to date & better for our environment.

Thank you ELLE for your innovation and dynamism and compassion. ☺️🥰🌻😘❤️🌼🌺🍄🎉🐝⭐️👍🌟

From a safe distance my Mum gets to see 2 people every day!

Dear Anja
Thank you for your lovely response.
And for all the reassurance that whichever way up or even back to front . . . .we’re still covered . . . literally! 😆
This first order was for myself, my Husband and 3 of our daughters (all age 18+) currently staying at home with us for lockdown.
My next order will be for our eldest daughter who is married, has a young son and another baby on the way and living in their own home . . .and for my mum, sadly self-isolating in her own home, as she is vulnerable.
I was waiting to see the size of our 5 masks, as my daughter and son-in-law will need the same size as us 5, but our grandson is about to turn 3 and my mum is tiny, so I wasn’t sure if I’d need the small size for them, but I think ordering the same Medium Large pack should work, as I think I can 'stitch them in a bit’ to fit where necessary! Certainly safer than stretching the small ones!
However I won’t be sending a picture of my handiwork!!!!

Your masks mean when we take mum's paper, her prescriptions and necessities over each day, and her big shop once a week, we alternate who goes with my Husband in the car - and from a safe distance my Mum gets to see 2 people every day!
Such a lovely thing for your company to completely give their production line over to.
Thank you
Sarah xxx

Instructional Leaflet

This email is probably unusual, because it is about the instruction flyer rather than the product itself (which is excellent). Could you please forward this appropriately so that the author of the flyer gets the recognition they deserve.

Usually such instructions/guides are gobbledegook. Your flyer is clear, comprehensive and written in easily understandable plain language. Whilst the limits of the product are clearly indicated they are expressed in terms of how to minimise any impact rather than just "back-covering". I should guess that these instructions are much more likely to be read because of their presentation. It is rare to see good English put to such helpful use in what is often a throw-away piece of work.

Thank you.

Above and beyond!!

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Anja and the team at ELLE from all of us at South East Water for keeping our key workers safe. The product is excellent quality and delivery was super speedy! Great work guys xx

Excellent face masks

These face masks are just great. So well made and comfortable. Fab customer service too, dispatched and delivered so quickly. Already recommended to all my friends and family.

Great masks

I ordered 3 packs of masks which I received on Tuesday.

They are well made, comfortable and I can wear them happily knowing I haven't affected the supply of the type of PPE which is currently needed by nhs and social care workers.

The fact they are washable is another bonus to lessen the impact on the environment. Also, pretty packaging without being excessive.

Well done Elle.

Comfortable and well made

These masks are very soft, comfortable and well made. A good fit for both men and women. We appreciated the detailed information supplied with them too. I tried machine washing one at 60 degrees, in a laundry bag so it didn't get tangled up with other washing, and it was fine and just as soft when aired. I have just ordered another two packs so I can give some to friends.

Well done to all involved in the design and production of these masks.

Really pleased!

These are really well made, substantial, comfortable masks and it's great that they are washable. So much better than the cheap paper ones. Have just ordered two further sets for family/friends. Thank you everyone at Elle, you're doing a great job!


Really pleased with these protective masks. This is second order I have placed. Agree with other reviews - very comfortable, good fit etc. I have recommended to friends and family. Pleased to know I have some as Government seems ready to recommend face coverings for use on public transport/shops etc as we try and get back to some kind of normal.

Comfortable, very well made

Big thank you to Elle for making such comfortable to wear masks. As the government are now asking us to wear masks/face coverings if we are out and about these are the perfect solution. Lightweight, bit of stretch, fit snugly and comfortably and washable. These masks are extremely well made and were ordered and delivered within a week. Big clap for Elle, thank you ♥️♥️♥️

Really so happy

Thank you I’ve just received mine today, really soft and comfortable yet robust and I’ll be ordering more for family members ...


Masks have just arrived, thank you, fit is great.

Thank you

Love these, thank you so much, very comfortable and well-made, and have ordered more for other family members.


Hi everyone at Elle

The masks have arrived and I am very pleased with the product and your service. I have recommended your masks to family and friends.

We appreciate all your hard work.

Thank you.

Great Masks

Thank you so much for my masks that arrived today, I worn one today and they are brilliant. great coverage, comfortable, great material, easily washed and aired, perfect thank you Elle x

easy to wash

I was not sure weather to try these or not. so pleased that I have done so. They fit well, wash easy and value for money. I do not sew so good to have these made for me and together with the properties of the material I feel confident to wear while out on shopping.

Well done!

Thank you & Well done to all the Elle staff.....the internet is awash with inferior masks so its good to see a company that is ethical & responsible. Have ordered another 2 sets. And hope to send away for a pack for my grandaughter when they are made. I am happy to give my money to a company that really CARES!

Excellent Product and Service

I purchased these masks a couple of weeks ago and they are a great product for a very reasonable price. Customer service was excellent Anja helped so much when there was a delay in getting my delivery. Really glad I have mine now as the Scottish Government have today advised wearing face coverings in shops, public transport etc. so I'm sure more people will be looking to buy masks.
Keep up the great work Anja, your providing a wonderful service at this very difficult time for all of us.

Great idea

Thank you so much for coming up with this idea, I’m sure like most none medical professional people I have been searching the Internet for a reliable company to sell and manufacture masks that are not imported whilst not taking away the medical masks that are in such great demand for our NHS & key workers in the UK.
My family and I would like to thank you again for the great customer service you should be very proud of yourselves in what you are doing and keep up the great work.
The mask themselves are very comfortable to wear with minimal effort we are impressed with the quality of stitching also the obvious attention to detail so much so we even ordered some tights and got free masks with them too, my own observation is the adult size is not big so as you state on your description should also be ok for children too as well as adults as they can stretch a little.

Excellent masks and customer service

I ordered 2 sizes, came yesterday, very impressed and would highly recommend.

Well done ELLE! Fab service. Thank you for what you are doing!

Thank you so much

My masks arrived today after ordering them last weekend. They’re clearly well made and there’s loads of stretch in them too. Thank you for everything you’re doing.

Great masks

Dear Elle team,
I am so happy with these masks. I ordered some for myself and to pass on to family - we are all so pleased with them. They are great quality and really comfortable to wear. Thank you so much for helping at this difficult time for everyone :)

Thank you so much Emma! It cheers us up to read such comments, I won't deny the change from a fashion item to something which is essential for safe keeping and health, is quite a journey and the path at times has been quite challenging & emotional!! We thank you and all our customers for their continued support and understanding that we are working very hard to get orders out as fast as possible. Thank you from all at ELLE and please keep safe.


What u are doing is wonderful!

Hey lovely Elle people!

So I ordered 3 packs of ur face masks online last night & I just want to say THANKS so much! I have spread the word with friends & family so I hope u will get an influx of orders from Glasgow/Scotland & maybe Ireland (if u’ll ship there?)
What u are doing is just wonderful!
I have been dithering over buying face masks! I hate Amazon & I couldn’t agree more that we public don’t need medical grade masks! What I’ve ordered is for me & the 3 in my family & to give to others who are older and not able for online shopping etc.
I think very soon the Gov is going to strongly recommend we all wear masks in public places on transport, indoors etc.
I don’t have a sewing machine or a clue how to really do a good mask myself & the fact that u are producing great affordable quality & keeping your staff employed is just wonderful & very much appreciated!
Keeping the proper medical grade stuff for NHS & care workers is so crucial!
Super well done & I’m sure I will order again if needed and I hope all my friends order too!
Thanks again!
Deirdre 👍🏼🙏🏼